About Us

Atlas is an established company with a rich history of success. We have many of the original recruits from the Dot.COM era as we reward our team members with superior benefits and rock-solid stability. In a sentence: we are here to stay.

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From inception, Atlas was founded to meet the needs of our customers with innovative, out of the box solutions to very complex problems. We began and still strive to never forget the needs of the end user while providing solutions that meet budget and schedule for our customers.

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Ethics is the cornerstone of our company. Our values are personal and deeply ingrained into our beliefs and processes.

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Corporate Responsibility

We believe in giving back to each and every community we are located in. We create long-lasting partnerships with noteworthy organizations and local schools in our commitment to creating a positive influence everywhere we are.

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We pride ourselves on not only giving the best technical solution to our customer's problems, but also working with them to ensure that we are responsive to contractual and billing needs as well. We have the full end-to-end contracting solutions.

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Quality Management

We have integrated our vast experience and lessons learned into our daily lives using our ISO-9001 validated Quality Management System. This system of continuous improvement ensures that we deliver what we promise to our customers.

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