Our small team creates a big impact by maximizing our volunteer time, our financial resources and local community partners.

PASSION is one of our 4 core values. We are passionate about the work that we do. We are driven to provide exceptional service to our clients and we're always looking for ways to get better. We are passionate about our team members, providing competitive employment packages and a system of accountability to ensure team members have the optimal employment experience. And, finally, but certainly not least of these, we’re passionate about our communities. We are passionate about giving back, not just financially, but in community service and giving of our time. 2020 presented us with many challenges, but gave us the opportunity to flex our flexibility muscle. As you can see in our 2020 Impact Report, our dedication to social responsibility is unwavering. As long as we're here, we WILL be making an impact.
A Word from
"As a local, non-profit organization, Park Circle Cares relies on the assistance of our volunteers to help us distribute thousands of pounds of food per month. It is a privilege to work with people from Atlas Technologies, Inc. The smiling volunteers from Atlas Technologies, Inc. consistently show up early with a great attitude, take direction, and work hard. We were so impressed; we invited one person to join our board. We hope to continue to meet more of your amazing volunteers." Joe Schmitt, Communications Director
Park Circle Cares - Charleston
Our Impact Team Leadership
Yakisha Bookard: Chair
Lynn Jones: Treasurer
Joyce Ramos: Co-Chair
Ed Copes: Co-Chair
Maureen DelMoral: Co-Chair
Our Impact Team
"I love being a member of the Atlas + Impact Team, because as a team, we make a bigger difference than I could make on my own. The charities that we support, especially the local ones in my own neighborhood, are very near and dear to my heart and I love taking action and feeling the good we spread in the community." Karen Welsh, Impact Team Member - Charleston
  • Meghan Bushman
  • Will Dickerson
  • Bobby Etheredge
  • Jessica Fletcher
  • Danielle Goodman
  • Kelly Hughes
  • Gary Jaffe
  • John Jones
  • Martha Mountain
  • Angela Quaranto
  • Shannon Robinson
  • Star Ross
  • Karen Welsh
  • Joan WIlliams
  • Alair Woods
  • Jimmy Frank
  • Rich Garza
  • Tedra Mitchell
  • Julie Old
  • Chris Rivera
  • Kimberly Bowyer
A Word from
"Atlas Technologies and its team members have been among our most valued supporters. Every year, Atlas Technologies volunteers as a team, contributes food and turkeys around the holidays, and generously donates significant funds to support our clients in ending their homelessness. Atlas Technologies looks out for our clients. They make sure that clients are fed, sheltered, and ultimately (and most important) back in homes of their own. Ending homelessness for hundreds of individuals annually, including women, children, men, and Veterans would not be possible without Atlas Technologies." Marco Corona, Chief Development Officer
One80 Place - Charleston
Our Values
Atlas Technologies' four core values are Learning, Teaching, Flexibility and PASSION. We're passionate about the work that we do for our clients. Equally, we are passionate about our team members, our environment, and our communities.
"Over my 20+ year career, I've worked for companies big and small. Never have I been a part of one so dedicated to doing charity work and providing to its neighboring communities. It makes me so proud to be part of the Atlas family." Howard Choi, Atlas Team Member
Words from Our Partner Schools
"Dewey has been the beneficiary of partnership with Atlas Technologies, Inc. for over 10 years. Atlas has provided much needed financial support for our math and science online programs. These programs help to supplement the education of our Military Youth. We appreciate the support so much because our population is 65% free and reduced lunch recipients and we are 80% military. The community partnership of Atlas Technologies, Inc. and Dewey has been vital in supporting our students." Tanya McMillin, Principal
Dewey Elementary School - San Diego
Words from Our Partner Schools
"It's been a true blessing to not only have support from Atlas Technologies, Inc. in very tangible ways, but for the consistent support over the years that has allowed us to grow programs at our school that help so many students in need. Our clothes closet was a dream that became a reality with the very large donation from Atlas of pants, underwear, shoes, belts, and coats. It has been a blessing to so many families since that started, and we have been able to grow that program with continued donations. The school supplies and book bags that were donated each year helped individual students, but also helped our teachers. If one or two students don't have the supplies needed, the lesson from the teacher is not going to have the same impact. The donations allow teachers to focus on instruction and not have to adjust a great lesson because a student did not have what they needed. Recently, the donation to Blessings in a Backpack has allowed us to continue to provide extra food on the weekends to 60 students. There are no students on the waiting list for this program right now because we have the funds to cover the need. Thank you so much for your support through the years. It makes a difference for so many!" Alice Fraser, Guidance Counselor
B.M. Williams Primary - Chesapeake
Our Program
Atlas values our community and the causes that are important to our team members. Our Impact program provides the tools for us to support our local communities and to encourage our team to stay involved. Through our employee matching program, we have the the opportunity to make an even larger impact.
Volunteer Paid Time Off (VPTO) Team members have the opportunity to earn up to 16 hours of PTO for hours of volunteer services.
Employee Matching Program Atlas annually matches up to $100 of team member gifts to 501c3 organizations.
Impact Team The Atlas Positive (+) Impact Team voluntarily initiate and support a variety of charitable activities in response to employee interests on behalf of Atlas Technologies, Inc.
A Word from
"A mutual belief and vision that all children deserve an opportunity to reach their full potential has created a long standing partnership between CHIP of South Hampton Roads and Atlas Technologies. With the support from Atlas Technologies, CHIP is helping parents lay the foundation for their child’s future health, academic and workplace success. When children thrive, the entire community the benefits for years to come. The impact of Atlas Technologies' generosity is creating a brighter future, right here in South Hampton Roads. We deeply appreciate your commitment to CHIP, the families we serve and the community." Trish O'Brien, President & CEO
CHIP of South Hampton Roads - Chesapeake
Our Volunteer Program
More than we like to write checks, we love to serve! Rolling up our sleeves and putting in some sweat equity is the primary goal. We encourage team members to volunteer by offering Volunteer Paid Time Off (VPTO) as an incentive. For every 20 hours of service to a valid 501c3, Atlas will gift the employee with 8 hours of Paid Time Off (PTO) up to 24 hours per year... that's an extra 3 days of PTO! Atlas team members gave over 1,000 hours in volunteer service in 2020 in spite of the pandemic restrictions.
A Word from
"My experience working with Atlas over the past few years has been fulfilling. Yakisha and all of the staff at Atlas have always been gracious, responsive and helpful. They have listened to what our agency and clients need most and delivered. Atlas Technologies is focused on helping people and for all of the right reasons. We are grateful to have this partnership and look forward to continuing the relationship." Tosha Connors, Chief Executive Officer
My Sister's House - Charleston
Our Matching Program One of our ways of supporting the causes important to our team members is by offering a match to employee gifts. If it's important to our team members, then it is important to us. Here's a graphical depiction of Atlas matching over the last few years.
Words from Our Team
"The Atlas Positive Impact Team creates a positive corporate culture for our team members through a shared social responsibility principle to help others. I believe this is attributable to the fact that all team members are empowered to participate in organized activities that serve the communities that we live and work in. Additionally, team members are encouraged to join the team to have a voice in how allocations are appropriated. The Atlas Positive Impact Team illustrates to stakeholders and the community that Atlas Technologies, Inc. pursues a greater purpose to assist others and to make our communities the best place to live and work." Star Ross, Impact Team Member
Words from Our Team
"I love being part of the impact team because when you really look at the smiles that follow, it is such a wonderful wake to leave." Martha Mountain, Impact Team Member
Our 2020 Impact . . .
Atlas has made a commitment to serving our community when we can and helping to offset the cost of the great work that key organizations provide to our community. In 2020, Atlas's impact extended to 26 different organizations.
"Being on the Impact Team means a lot to me. I've always loved doing & giving back to those less fortunate. It's great to know the company I work for cares even more than I do." Ed Copes, Impact Team Co-Chair
Our 2020 Impact
Below are some key organizations of which Atlas has a long standing relationship and just a few of the organizations we positively impacted in 2020.
Lowcountry Food Bank
One80 Place
My Sister's House
Special Olympics
March of Dimes
$100,000+ in donations
We are happy to report that even in a pandemic, Atlas was able to continue charitable giving and finished the year with over $100,000 in donations and matching to non-profit organizations.
A Word from
"Working with Atlas's Positive Impact Team was such a treat. We are thankful for any support of our mission, but it felt like Atlas's team took a true interest in our program by coming out and seeing our facility and meeting our Team. We are always so happy to show people our work and the fact that you all were so curious and positive just makes it all that much better!" Kate Welsh, LMSW, Social Services Director / Community Development Director
Beyond Basic - Charleston
Spotlight on Doug Barnard
Candidate Spotlight: Doug with Team Sanza's Angels! Doug Barnard is a Network Technician with over 13 years supporting the United States Navy and Coast Guard. Doug and his dog Lowell (@TherapyDogLowell) have also been active for many years as a pet therapy team at the Medical University of South Carolina, spending time visiting with patients and their families that are battling various forms of cancer, illness, and injury. Doug also has a passion for art, operating a photography business that has donated his work to LLS for past campaigns. In his free time you can find him playing beach volleyball, watching college football, and traveling the world.
Spotlight on Doug Barnard
Doug Barnard and Annie
In 2020, Doug Barnard raised $12,000 for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society. Often you'll find him volunteering at local hospitals with his therapy dog, Annie.
"It definitely meant a lot to me, on a personal level, but also in terms of professional development to have the support of the Impact Team when I ran for Man of the Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). The funds Atlas provided helped ensure that I would achieve at least a minimum level of contribution to LLS, and gave me the confidence to push the campaign more. Having never done anything like this, I would have been thrilled with raising $5000, but in the end I made it to around $12,000. The process also gave me a chance to get to know other Atlas team members, and really increased my engagement in the Charleston community. All around, I just thought it was a great experience and I am so glad that Atlas was willing to be a part of it." Doug Barnard, Atlas Team Member
- Charleston
Doug Barnard
Our Name
In the early days of Atlas, the small group of 3 members that handled the charity division was called the Charitable Giving Committee (CGC) and its sole purpose was to responsibly share budgeted dollars in the local community. The role of the committee grew to more than just writing checks, but also to developing valuable relationships in our communities through service. A worthy name was henceforth necessary. In 2020, the name officially changed from Charitable Giving Committee to the Atlas Positive Impact Team (A+IT) and the logo here adopted as our official seal.
Atlas Positive Impact Team
Impact Over The Years
  • The Impact Team grew from a committee of 3 people to now over 30 covering all Atlas locations.
  • The committee started with a modest budget of $500 but now the budget ranges from $60,000 to $65,000 annually.
  • Atlas corporate contributions AND leadership contributions combined have increased to over $100,000 annually.
Atlas Positive Impact Team
Representation of Atlas combined giving from 2010-2020