Quality Management System

Atlas is committed to the continual improvement of our Quality Management System to ensure that we deliver reliable, intuitive IT solutions that consistently meet or exceed our customers’ requirements.

We demonstrate this by:

  • managing our business based on clear and measurable objectives and timelines
  • ensuring our team members have the appropriate training, skills and experience. "The Atlas Way"
  • using our customers’ feedback to improve our processes
  • adhering to laws and regulations

The primary purpose of Atlas's Quality Management System is to define and continually improve Atlas Operations to assure the best service to our customers. With clear and well-defined Operations, we can conduct business with high efficiency that consistently meet and exceed customer requirements. In the very competitive Defense Contracting world, it is this continually improving quality that will set Atlas apart from the competition. Included in this section are policies, procedures and work instructions that answer who does what and when and how we carry out each activity. When everyone in the organization knows the processes, their role, and how to make improvements, quality is assured and repeatable.

Atlas Quality Certificates