Company Culture

Culture isn't any one thing: it's everything.

At Atlas, we are committed to our customers, our partners, our team members and our community. We have a well-rounded company culture that fosters our workforce to be creative, hardworking and above all ethical. We judge our success by the success of our customers, partners and even our competitors. We hire people who are smart and determined, and we favor ability over experience.

What is it like to work at Atlas?

You are never alone. You are met with encouragement to better your knowledge and skills. You will be pushed to not only master the skills you were hired for, but also expand your abilities into other areas. Our success has largely been based upon our culture of cross-training. No one wants to retire from doing the same thing for 20 plus years. Changes is a part of our life and especially our industry, therefore change is embraced at Atlas.

Learning is a way of life at Atlas. This attitude is addicting. Soon you will see yourself mentoring and pushing others not only to succeed at their challenges, but to excel at new opportunities. We have many success stories of administrative staff learning and advancing into technical roles; technical staff advancing into management roles, and a high percentage of employees taking advantage of our educational reimbursement policy.

Once you learn it; improve it. We are constantly "raising the bar" for our projects, our colleagues and our customers. We have minimum standards of quality, but are never satisfied with the minimum. We strive to exceed expectations in all things we do, from the front line Subject Matter Expert, to our Back Office staff. Everyone deserves to get the quality of work and attention to detail offered by Atlas, and we aim to be the best provider, partner and community member.

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