Cloud | Virtualization

In today’s modern computing environment, virtualization is proving to be an integral part of all IT infrastructures. From Enterprise to Small Business, virtualization provides the easiest way to achieve operational cost reductions and improve flexibility in its existing Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. Realizing this, the DON CIO has released a memo (7/29/2013) requiring that the DON virtualize all current servers and server-based systems/applications. This change/ this process will allow multiple operating systems and applications to be run on a single physical server, thus reducing operational costs and improving flexibility within the existing infrastructure. As IT operations with virtualization technologies becomes more common/becomes the norm, it is essential that IT personnel have the capabilities to support this route. Atlas Technologies’ System Engineers are certified in both VMware Datacenter Virtualization and Microsoft Private Cloud - ensuring that we have the education/experience needed to successfully install, deploy, scale and manage your virtualized environments.

Key benefits of virtualization are:

  • Reduce data center costs, which in turn increases energy efficiency and requires less hardware with server consolidation
  • Deploy VMs from preconfigured templates, bringing new applications/systems online quickly
  • Centralize storage - All VMs on iSCSI storage
  • Built-in high availability and fault tolerance - Provides complete services availability in the event of a server failure
  • Implemented data recovery with NAS - Deploy a disk-to-disk backup solution
  • Host-based VM replication - Disaster recovery (DR) for 100 percent application coverage

Virtualization/Cloud Computing with Atlas:

Planning, operating and maintaining your current or next virtualization project has never been easier. Take advantage of our expertise in virtualization/cloud computing to keep your virtualization initiative on track.