Enterprise IT

Atlas has established itself as a premier provider of Enterprise IT services by consistently meeting or exceeding our customer's expectations. By leveraging our experience of satellite and telecommunications, Atlas provides innovative Enterprise IT capabilities and solutions that are designed to meet our customer's business and engineering needs. Our organizational capabilities are influenced by the needs and requirements of our customers, the professional culture that exists within our organization, and the intangible nature of the output and intermediate products of IT services. Our services are utilized by our customers in network engineering, custom application development, testing, system integration, IT Management and onsite consulting to succeed in the competitive global environment.

  • ISNS – Integrated Shipboard Network System
  • CANES – Consolidated Afloat Network Enterprise System
  • COMPOSE - Common PC Operating System Environment
  • ADNS – Automated Digital Network System
  • CENTRIXS-M - Combined Enterprise Information Exchange System – Maritime
  • CND – Computer Network Defense
  • NAVMACS – Naval Modular Automated Communications System
  • WRBS – Wireless Reach Back System
  • SubLAN
  • SCI Networks