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Today's environment is increasingly complex and competitive because of new technology, product proliferation, and time poverty. For nearly every product or service, there are an overwhelming number of choices, leaving confusion. Atlas stands out from our competitors and is the best at providing world-class IT services for highly specialized systems.

Cyber Security

We are experienced in securing our nation's Department of Defense IT networks and infrastructure and can provide valuable Cyber Security and Information Assurance solutions to governments and commercial clients alike. For over 24 years, our team of security professionals has provided expert service to various agencies.

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Program Management

We employ proven methodologies, established processes, and industry best practices to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control, and close a vast array of projects across your enterprise. We specialize in Portfolio, Program, and Project Management and have industry-credentialed (PMI, ITIL) staff to provide your business with the tools needed to increase your revenue while controlling costs.

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Enterprise IT

We have more than 24 years of corporate experience in designing, building, integrating, maintaining and managing large, complex data systems. We cover a broad and diverse array of Enterprise IT subjects from the network to the operating systems to the applications to the business rules needed for an effective and efficient organization.

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Cloud and Virtualization

In today’s modern computing environment, virtualization is proving to be an integral part of all IT infrastructures. We have extensive experience in design and integration of "Pure" cloud technologies, as well as the more common "Blended" approach. See how we can help.

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Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management enables efficient decision making by ensuring that all data and information is available, reliable, and secure and provided across the enterprise. The benefits of a Knowledge Management system are measured in terms of increased efficiency and reduced costs. Often, it prevents rework or “reinventing the wheel.”

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